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Apollonia Sifnos

HOTEL SOFIA is located in a central spot of Apollonia and is the best place to stay for those who wish to discover the beauties of the island and at the same time be close to the places where the night life and the commercial traffic is concentrated.
Apollonia or Stavri, as the locals call it, is the capital of the island. As it can be seen from its name, in ancient times the god Apollo was worshiped there. The name Stavri is due to the geographical location of the city, as it is a crossroad to all directions of the island. It is built amphitheatrically on three hills, in the center of the island. It is a beautiful Cycladic city that maintains its traditional identity. Apollonia is the home of Sifnos nightlife and the commercial traffic. Join it and fill your summer with experiences!
Sifnos is an island worth visiting and exploring. It is part of the Southwest Cyclades and is located between Serifos, Kimolos and Paros. It has a great history and a number of remarkable sights that you will encounter on your island’s trek. There are numerous churches and traditional festivals that are organized throughout the year, where each Saint is honored and celebrated by offering free food and following a traditional feast with violins and dances.
Sifnos is recently visited by many walkers that explore the island and follow the traditional paths. It is a unique experience as almost all areas of the island are linked to these paths. The paths through the wonderful nature are amazing. It is worth doing such a unique walk!
Meet Sifnos and all its villages. Kamares, where the port is located, Platis Gialos with the most famous beach, Kastro with the medieval settlement, Exambela with the traditional colors, Artemonas with the old mansions, Faros with the small port, etc. Fill your luggage with the wonderful pictures of Sifnos!!!